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Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (IMI) Department

The IMI Department gives students a grounding in modelling, calculus, optimisation and design tools, along with an encompassing view of the issues from this perspective.


Modelling and simulation have become major instruments in all sectors of the economy; the arrival of powerful computers and the application of powerful numerical methods offer engineers the possibility of developing new skills and expertise:

  • modelling complex systems to take account the different physical constraints and functional aspects of products,
  • the mathematical methods and tools required for risk analysis (financial, natural or industrial risk).

Employment prospects

The first contribution an IMI-trained engineer will make to a company will undoubtedly be to reinforce the role of modelling and simulation in order to create added value.This role will typically be in:

  • jobs entailing the modelling and industrial application of scientific computation (research engineer in industry);
  • jobs in finance employing stochastic computational tools (research and development in banks, trading, portfolio management);
  • the new IT professions (web technology, knowledge management, image processing, logistical optimisation).

Partner laboratories

The Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Department works closely with the following research labs: