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City, Environment and Transport Department

The VET Department is the place for engineering students who want to contribute to sustainable urban and regional development. There are several Masters and Specialist Masters programmes attached to the department.


Cities are growing and attracting an ever larger proportion of the population. The societal challenges that arise from this urban concentration are multiple and international. Essential as it is to economic and individual life, transport is also a source of environmental problems. Combined with information and communication technologies, modern transport stretches space and alters the relationship to time, with the result that very principles of territorial composition are changing.

The efficient management of natural resources (water, fossil fuels,…), pollution and waste management, the prevention of natural and technological risks, are all challenges for engineers wishing to contribute to sustainable urban and land development. In a context where the challenges apply to the urban, regional, national and planetary scales, development projects are becoming increasingly complex and show that, both in education and research, the approach needs to be multidisciplinary..

Employment prospects

Future graduates find various career opportunities offering high positions in the public sector – Government departments, public organisations, regional and local authorities – and in the private sector, in large industrial corporations, consultancies or research agencies:

  • Operators of utility networks or transport services, waste and water infrastructures, logistical departments in industry;
  • Consultant engineer in environment, transport: roles in research, innovation, development, project management, technical assessments;
  • Planning and development: district planning, development of master plans, infrastructures, services;
  • Government or local authority regulator: representing government, responsible for regulation, monitoring and strategic choices;
  • Environmental manager responsible for setting and implementing environmental policy in the private and public sectors and regional and local authorities;/strong>
  • Urban planning engineere
  • Researcher, R&D engineer.

Partner laboratories

The City, Environment and Transport Department works closely with the following research labs: