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Civil and Structural Engineering Department

The Civil and Structural Engineering Department trains design and structural engineers who have a global approach to engineering projects, and a strong grounding in science and technology.

These engineers will move into careers in design and construction, working on infrastructures and buildings, in innovation and the development of new construction materials and techniques, and in the management of large construction projects.There are several Masters and Specialist Masters programmes attached to the department.


There is more building going on in the world today than ever before (whole cities in certain emerging countries, offshore constructions, transport networks…).Urban density demands the invention of entirely new solutions, for both buildings and infrastructures (very tall skyscrapers, urban infrastructure networks…).

Needs are evolving, engendering constructions that are unprecedented in both function and size (mega-stadiums, giant airports, high-speed train networks, etc.).The environmental impact of construction is such that a profound technical transformation is required (reduction in energy costs, recycling facilities…).Phenomena such as land erosion, pollution and instability are increasingly common: to overcome them requires significant developments in soil mechanics and the associated techniques.New materials (very high-resistance concrete and steel, composites) and new, IT-based calculation methods are emerging, transforming structural design.

The relationship between society and technology has changed.Today’s engineers need to pay close attention to the context, to the environment and to users, which means that they have to be able to explain, negotiate and debate in order to arrive at the most appropriate technical solutions.These crucial changes call for design and structural engineers with the highest abilities, capable of handling complexity in a multidisciplinary approach.

Employment prospects

A degree from in the Civil and Structural Engineering Department brings the possibility for work in all sectors of construction (buildings, public works, infrastructures, geotechnical engineering, structures, maritime engineering, energy infrastructures…) and openings to numerous careers:public clients, project managers, design offices, contractors, research and development, methods.

Partner laboratories

The Civil and Structural Engineering Department works closely with the following research labs: