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The Library is a documentary hub specialising in civil engineering, construction, mechanical engineering and materials. In this capacity, it is an arm of the Bibliothèque nationale de France(French National Library)..
Its multidisciplinary collections contain:

  • 90 000 documents available for loan23 000 of them, including monographs, for public access 9000 courses and student articles, 2000 2000 lifelong learning dossiers, , 1000 or so journal, daily press and magazine titles, more than 700 CD-ROM and DVD titles on engineering sciences, general knowledge and languages;
  • 40 000 documents from 10 laboratory libraries;
  • 80 000 18th-century and 19th-century manuscript and printed documents, periodicals, maps, photographs and drawings, forming a unique historical and legacy collection
  • 1 000 metres of School archive

Accessing documents

  • Documents in open access in the reading room

The classification system includes 44 topics distributed across 2 floors. Documents are arranged by topic and by ascending order of classification.

the last 3 years of periodicals
• CD-ROMs and DVDs
• recent course reports
• theses
• standard publications

  • Indirect access documents, to be requested at reception.

• dissertations and end of course projects
• lifelong learning dossiers
• stored documents

For requests placed between 5 pm and 8 pm, documents are available the next day from 9:30 am at the library reception.

  • Documents accessible on request

• any document held in a research laboratory

  • Documents accessible by appointment: : legacy collections

• Historical collections - appointment by e-mail
• School Archives - appointment by e-mail


Suggestions for acquisitions

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Service restricted to School students, teachers, researchers and staff