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Economics, Management and Finance Department

Economics has a long history at the School, and we are maintaining that tradition of excellence. The Department trains economists and financial experts and also helps to give all students at the School a grounding in economics and management


The École des Ponts ParisTech’s SEGF Department is the heir to a long tradition of educating engineers in economics, starting with Jules Dupuit’s pioneering early 19th-century work on the benefits of public works. The school has long offered its students a high-quality education in economics and social sciences, going beyond the strict framework of “engineering sciences and skills”. This grounding, in combination with their specialist skills, prepares engineers to interact with colleagues from very different educational backgrounds to their own, with whom they will have to work and communicate, design and manage, work as a team and share skills, in projects multidimensional projects. Through this approach, the School works towards the ambitious goal of giving its students a dual grounding, both technical and managerial.

Employment prospects

The SEGF Department prepares students for numerous roles in finance, economics and management. These can include:

  • service companies (servicing local authorities, economic research offices, consultancies in organisation and management or strategy, audit agencies, insurance companies, banks…): financial analyst, stock market trader, product engineer on capital markets, senior banker, sectoral specialist in corporate finance, asset management consultant, actuary,…
  • in industrial enterprises in all sectors of the economy: economic, financial, strategic analysis;
  • in governmental or semi-governmental organisations at national or regional level, which encompasses positions in the civil engineering, water and forestry department, and contractual positions in different ministries (finance, environment, energy), or positions acquired through public examination in departments, regions, urban districts. Here the roles include that of economist or project manager;
  • in international, European or global public service: positions in financial analysis and project finance.


The Economics, Management and Finance Department has particularly close links with the following laboratories:

The Department also works with two École des Ponts labs: