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Grants and subsidies

Students wishing to do part of their degree abroad have several possible sources of funding. The list below is a partial summary of grants available to students

Erasmus grants

These grants, funded by the European Union, are intended for students spending their third degree year in one of the School’s European partner universities (except for Russia).Worth on average €150 a month for a maximum period of 12 months, these grants can only be allocated once during an individual’s education.

Franco-German University (UFA) Grants

These grants are for students on a double-degree programme with Munich Technische Universität.The students concerned can receive financial support from the Franco-German University which, unlike Erasmus grants, which are restricted to 12 months, cover the whole of the period of study in Germany.

Île-de-France Region grants

Allocated on the basis of social criteria and recommendations by the School, these grants cover all destinations within the framework of an institutional agreement or placement abroad.

Grants from other regions

Certain other regions also provide grants for study abroad, in particular Rhône-Alpes, but also the Champagne-Ardennes and Midi-Pyrénées regions.You are therefore advised to seek information in your home region (generally the one where you took your baccalaureate), by checking their website.

City of Paris grants

These municipal mobility support grants, allocated on the basis of social criteria, are restricted to destinations covered by the Erasmus programme.

IDEA League grants

The purpose of the IDEA League grants programme is to support research placements (at Bachelors, Masters or PhD level) of at least 1 month (3 months for PhD students) within laboratories at IDEA League member universities.The universities involved in this programme are Imperial College London, TU Delft, ETH Zurich and RWTH Aachen.The purpose of the programme is to foster scientific co-operation between the network’s member institutions.

BRAFITEC travel grants

These are available to students on a period of study in Brazil.

Fondation des Ponts grant

Ever year, Fondation des Ponts awards a certain number of excellence grants in addition to its unsecured loans.


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