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Industrial Engineering Department

The function of the Industrial Engineering (GI) Department is to educate engineers capable of designing, producing and distributing technological products with a global reach, from a perspective of industrial entrepreneurship and sustainable development. A Specialist Masters degree is attached to the GI Department.

Context: to design and implement new industrial solutions

In a climate of tough international competition, industrial firms need to design and implement new solutions to reduce their costs and offer more additional value in the products and services they devise and bring to the market.To achieve this, the GI Department focuses on:

  • product and system innovation and design:
    - designing innovative new products
    - devising new business models
    - designing industrial systems
  • production and supply chain
    - designing the supply chain
    - optimising the supply chain

The pursuit of excellence is rooted in constructive boldness, an awareness of realities, a capacity to explore new combinations and an emphasis on the human qualities that underpin the success of projects.

Careers in industry

The Department prepares its students for industrial careers managing multidisciplinary projects in a variety of industrial sectors (luxury goods, automotive, aerospace, electronics, cosmetics, energy, pharmaceuticals, food, construction, telecommunications,…) and in industry-related consultancy and engineering roles (strategy, organisation, information systems,…).

These professions are a fast track to management positions in large international industrial corporations:

  • industrial management
  • procurement management
  • supply chain management
  • Management of a strategic business unit
  • director of strategy and development
  • brand management
  • management of a geographical area or activities in a country/zone

Partner laboratories

The Industrial Engineering Department works closely with the following research labs:


Fabrice Bonneau
Président du département

Véronique Hillen
Directrice académique