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Masters in Analysis and Political Economy (APE)


Jointly accredited by EHESS, ENS, ENSAE, Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and HEC, and approved by the Paris School of Economics, the APE Masters programme provides a general grounding for research in theoretical and applied economics at a level comparable to the best international institutions.


The purpose of the APE Masters programme is to provide students in the first year of fundamental training with a general grounding and technical tools in micro- and macroeconomics and econometrics, and to introduce them gradually to research methods.This M2 gives them access to high-level specialist knowledge and research activity.


This programme provides a grounding in economics research at Masters and PhD level.It is one of Europe’s leading PhD programmes, and is recognised for:

  • its international appeal:a growing number of students come from the best universities in Europe, Asia and the Americas;
  • the quality and diversity of its content:more than 60 academics are involved in the programme, many of them with strong international experience;
  • the excellent employment opportunities for Masters and PhD students.

Le programme APE apporte un soin particulier à l’encadrement et au suivi de ses étudiants tout au long de leur scolarité. L’initiation à la recherche et l’ouverture aux sciences sociales sont au coeur du projet pédagogique du master.

Job opportunities

After obtaining their Masters, students generally move into careers as economists or statisticians in government departments, both in France and abroad, and in banking and insurance. Other students go on to do a PhD (notably at the Paris School of Economics).