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Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Department

The GMM Department trains future research engineers or design engineers in the development of new products and materials, particularly in the energy and transport sectors.

Particular emphasis is placed on an advanced grasp of the concepts and tools relating to the mechanical behaviour of materials, and on ways of thinking that lead to environmentally responsible design.The Department receives financial support from EDF through its Chair in “Sustainability of Energy Materials and Structures”.


Nuclear power station components, parts in automotive, aeronautical or spacegoing structures, undergo increasingly high thermomechanical loads and there is an ever-growing need to build them with innovative, high-performance materials.

This means that companies in the business of designing new products need engineers with a solid grounding in mechanical engineering and materials science.At the same time, there is a strong demand in society for design engineers with an acute awareness of the need to limit pressure on the planet’s natural resources and to reduce the waste byproducts of manufacturing or obsolete consumer goods.So engineers need to be trained in design with an environmental perspective.

Employment prospects

This programme prepares students for high-potential positions in industry and the state sector requiring strong scientific and technical competency, in the research, development and design of new products and materials.

It may lead into a first job as a research or design engineer in the mechanical field.It lays the foundations for eco-focused design and emphasises the responsibilities of design engineers with regard to sustainability issues.It provides a springboard for rapid career rises towards positions in charge of major projects or industrial programmes, such as leading the design of a new vehicle for one of the big car manufacturers or the development of a new material in a major global industry in the sector.This in turn could lead to a career as an international expert or senior executive in such companies.

Partner laboratories

The Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Department works closely with the following research labs: