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Since 1 January 1994, École des Ponts ParisTech has been an EPSCP (public scientific, cultural and professional establishment), accountable to MEDDTL (Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing). Its legal status as an EPSCP fosters initiatives that encourage dynamic development.

The Boards

The School is administered by a Board of Directors, comprising 24 members:

 Six ex officio members:

  • The Deputy Chairman of the General Council of the Environment and Sustainable Development, who perform the role of deputy chairman, or their representative;
  • The Director of Personnel at the Ministry of Infrastructure, or their representative,
  • The Director of Research at the Ministry of Infrastructure, or their representative,
  • The Director of Higher Education at the Ministry of Ministry, or their representative,
  • The Director of Research at the Ministry Responsible for Research, or their representative,
  • The Budget Director, or their representative;

Eight qualified individuals, recognised for their competence in the spheres of infrastructure, spatial planning, construction, transport, industry and the environment, appointed by ministerial order, of whom three are proposed by the Board of Directors and two by the Alumni Association;

Ten elected representatives, comprising:

  • Six teacher and researcher representatives;
  • Three student representatives;
  • One representative of the School’s administrative and technical personnel.

The School has two consultative boards:

  1. The Teaching and Research Board, chaired by the Director of the School, has 8 members from the school’s management, 8 representatives of the teaching and research staff and 8 student representatives.This board is consulted on the organisation of teaching and research activities within the framework of the general priorities set by the Board of Directors, on the methods for recruiting students, interns and unregistered students, on certification, on the prizes and scholarships awarded to students, on academic regulations and on the conditions for teacher appointments.
  2. The Scientific Board consists of twenty figures appointed for their research competence in the disciplines covered by the School. This board has the task of making proposals to the Board of Directors on priorities for the School’s scientific policy.  It regularly assesses the work carried out in the research centres.It may be consulted on any issue relating to the performance of the research centres and to PhD programmes.The Director of the School and the Director of Research attend meetings of this board.


PRES (research and higher education clusters)

École des Ponts ParisTech is a founding member of two PRES:

  • The objective of ParisTechthe Paris Science and Technology Institute, is to help enhance the reputation of higher education, in particular in engineering, in Europe and abroad.
  • Within a single interdisciplinary unit, Paris-East University includes general, technological and vocational research and training.Itsdevelopment is based on a special partnership with  ParisTech EPCS (public scientific co-operation establishment), for which it covers the eastern section within Ile-de-France.

Organisation Chart of the School

Organisation chart