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Studying or end of course project abroad

Any student who has completed a first-year engineering course at École des Ponts ParisTech (through entry by examination or by selection L3) can take a non-degree course in a foreign university under the Erasmus agreements or other cooperation agreements signed by the School.

Studying abroad with no degree award

The duration of these periods of study can vary between 1 semester of classes, 2 semesters of classes or else 1 semester of classes followed by the End of Course Project. Under the Erasmus exchange agreements, the ECTS credits obtained in the host university can be allocated to cover all part of your attendance obligations at École des Ponts

End of Course Project (PFE)

The End of Course Project (PFE) is a piece of personal work done over a minimum period of 17 weeks, which applies the knowledge acquired during the degree programme within the framework of a placement in a company or in an academic environment (research lab). Any engineering student at the École des Ponts ParisTech has the possibility of doing their PFE abroad.