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A word from the Director, M. Armel de La Bourdonnaye

Educating engineers capable of taking on the technological, environmental and social challenges of tomorrow’s world.

École nationale des ponts et chaussées – École des Ponts ParisTech, may be France’s oldest engineering school, but it remains young and very much in the present, as it has always been, in training engineers needs in order to meet the requirements of its citizens in key areas of day-to-day life, such as transport, housing, and urban services, and also in foundational fields like energy, the environment, climate sciences, spatial planning and sustainable development.

The history and positioning of the School ensure that its graduate engineers approach their work from a long-term and geographically embedded perspective.This means that they are especially ready to tackle the challenges of sustainable development, to operate in an uncertain world and to manage risks of all kinds.

The grounding that engineering students receive at Ponts et Chaussées is extremely rigourous:a high scientific and technical level with a particular focus on one specialist field, experience in research procedures, close contacts with the world of work, the development of managerial skills, a capacity to understand societal issues, a strong international dimension, and a strong emphasis on action-based learning inspired by best international practices.

The same level of rigour is present in all the School’s other programmes:Masters, PhD, specialist Masters, MBA des Ponts, lifelong learning.

In short, an education that matches the best international standards, underpinned by the acknowledged excellence of the School’s research centres and of course the reputation of the School both nationally and internationally, the outcome of more than 260 years of achievement by its graduates.

Armel de La Bourdonnaye

Director of École nationale des ponts et chaussées